Window Phone 7 Apps

In this page you will find some of my applications for mobile devices with WP7:

Benzini GRBenzini GR

Benzini GR presents to the user the fuel prices at gas stations near her in real time. She is able to filter the results by selecting the type of gas that interests her, along with the radius of the area that she is willing to travel. The ordering of the gas stations can be done in 2 ways: by the price of the selected fuel or by the distance of the service (in this case the list of the stations reorders automatically depending on the user’s location in real time). Additionally, the user can see all the nearby gas stations on a map (choosing one of these she learns more info about the price of the fuel) or the gas station of her choice. Her position is also displayed on the map (which is updated regularly). In the trial mode the application presents ads to the user.


Leletza WP7LeletzaLeletza

Leletza WP7 is an application that countdowns how many day have been left to serve in the greek army. It is a must have application for anyone who serves in the army.






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