Various Programs

Here you will find some useful (I hope) application that I have developed.

AUEB Tic-Tac-Toe (for smartphones with Symbian OS)

Aueb ΤρίλιζαThis app is an implementation of the Tic-Tac-Toe game for one player (against the program's A.I.) or two players (using a Bluetooth connection), designed for Symbian OS & S60 devices.

It was co-developed with Michael Makidis and was a project for the "3470 - Wireless Networks and Mobile Communications" class of the undergraduate AUEB Dpt. of Informatics courses (fall 2004). This app is free (FOSS), its UI is available in English and Greek and it requires the S60 FE or SE platform.

For more information about programming for Symbian OS check MikeM's site.

Erevodifwntas' Speller (Greek word speller) v1.1

SpellCheckerYou can write in the text field the word that you want to spell-check and the application (in real time), will return a list with the 10 most simiral words to the one that you wrote (also returns the metric distance of each word to the word that you wrote). The application uses the OpenOffice's dictionary which contains more than 500.000 words. The distance metric is calculated according to the algorithm of Levenstein. The application was developed in C# and requires the .NET framework. It was a project for the "Advanced Databases and Information Retrieval" course (Spring 2006) at the "Computer Science" Grad Program at AUEB. Project's aim was to develop an algorithm that would decide which words of the dictionary should be compared with the word that the user typed (so that it would not have to check all 500.000 words). Finally, Erevodifwntas' Speller has a constant upper bound, with no dependence on the size of the dictionary. It also has the following features:

  • Longer the word, faster the program's responses
  • It can correct any anagrammatism (one of the most usual types of orthographic errors)
  • It can correct up to 4 errors, in real time
  • NEW better memory management and quicker response

This speller is being used by this greeklish converter

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