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Welcome to my site. My name is George "Erevodifwntas" Karakatsiotis (-Karnesis). I have a B.Sc. degree from the AUEB department of Informatics in Computer Science (2001-2005, grade: 7.47/10 - top 10.07%). I also am an alumni of the M.Sc. in Computer Science from the aforementioned University (2005-2007, grade: 8,25/10). I am software engineer at Atypon. Previously, I was employed as a Research Associate at the Institute for Language and Speech Processing and member of CSRI. I am also a member of the Natural Language Processing group of AUEB. Here you can find my complete CV.

το δωμάτιό μουI really like programming (and generally designing algorithms) and especially when it has to include graphics (2d/3d). Most of my programs are in Java, but I prefer to code in C#. I had also used Visual Basic a few years ago, (mainly .NET), but I don't enjoy it anymore (o tempora o mores...). At first, I thought that VB was a programming language that everybody should imitate... Thankfully, there are a lot more who believe the same thing and they created C# ;-). Despite my love for C# my favorite programming language is C++, but I use it only for very difficult and demanding projects.

From time to time I have worked on different things, such as, computer graphics, programming for smart phones (Symbian OS C++, J2ME and .NET, WP7), distributed systems, databases (SQL Server) and dynamic sites (ASP.NET), but what I really like to work on is Artificial Intelligence. My B.Sc. Thesis was to develop a system that it would be able to handle person definition questions ("Who is Papoulias? He is the President of Greek Democracy"). As corpus we used the results of a search engine of a Greek newspaper. I hope that very soon this search engine will be part of this site (there is already a M.Sc. thesis that will use my work to create an extended search engine that will be able to answer different types of questions). For now, there is only a beta version of my system (unfortunately very often the server is off-line).

As you can imagine my M.Sc. Thesis was also about A.I. I had to extend a Natural Language Generation Engine (NaturalOWL -it generates description of entities from an OWL file), so that it could be able to generate comparisons among the entities ("Whereas all the previous ...", "Like the amphora on your right..."). This engine is the core of Touring Machine, the platform that won the 1st place at the world finals of Imagine Cup 2011.

Some of my projects can be found in this site ( and I hope that I will upload more in the near future).

As for my other interests they include cinema (I am fan of the Star Trek universe and of course of Star Wars), computer games (that is why I become a programmer in the first place), paintings (mostly looking at), music (Katsimiha, Delivorias rul3 -Greek musicians) and playing PnP RPG and CCG with my friends.

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The applications on this site are free to use (unless otherwise noted, are licensed under a Creative Commons license). I really look forward hearing for your comments at george[at]gkarak.eu

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